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School Leadership Training and Educational Management

This programme is designed for Headteachers and School Leaders, seeking to extend their career development.?

The programme will address key aspects of School Leadership, Educational Management, Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development in schools with a view to broadening participants’ management and pedagogic experience.?

Professional Components Educational School Attachment Visits
Shcool Leadership and Management Educational Management and Quality Assurance Curriculum Planning, Management, Implementation and Evaluation School Attachement Experience in British Schools

Programme Content

Our programme seeks to enhance the overall professional management skills and competencies of School Leaders in order to raise school performance and increase student achievement.? Our programme seeks to enable participants to attain the level of professional competence whereby they can implement and maintain an effective curriculum and ensure that there are robust quality assurance systems within their schools.?

We aim to build participants’ capacity with key skills, professional knowledge and practical experience.? Participants will gain first-hand experience of the education system in Britain through direct contact with senior experienced British school leaders and teachers.?


  • To identify strategies and methods that will enhance the School Leaders’ professional performance;
  • To acquire a range of skills to enable School Leaders to contribute more effectively to the development of school-based educational management in their school;
  • To examine staff development policies and practices;
  • To examine ways of measuring and assessing staff performance & assessing teacher competence;
  • To understand school improvement strategies and consider their relevance to participants;
  • To provide an opportunity to share best practice in the UK with international Headteachers.

The programme will address the following:

  • Approaches to School Inspection and Accountability
  • Assessment of Teacher Performance / Teacher Competence
  • Building Capacity
  • Communication Strategies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Distributed Leadership / Distributed Management
  • Innovation and the Management of Change
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Managing Resources
  • Positive Behaviour Management & Motivation
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Quality Assessment and Assurance
  • School Attachment Experience
  • School-based Management Systems
  • Staff Development / Continuing Professional Development
  • Staff Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teacher Appraisal and Assessment of Teacher Competence
  • Teacher Development
  • Teacher Standards
  • Characteristics of Effective Schools

Learning Resources

Our Learning Resources Centre is?a whole building dedicated specifically to learning resources, where far from the traditional materials of a library, participants will find resources from and to be used in schools, for every subject and curricular level.

Approaches to Learning

We will use active learning methods, involving practical activities, problem-solving strategies, reflection and developing Critical Thinking strategies.? Our programme will examine examples of good leadership and management both in the UK and elsewhere.??

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