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International Teacher Education

The International Short Programme Unit (ISPU) offers a broad range of customised professional training programmes in the fields of English Language Teaching, Teacher Development and School-based Leadership and Management.?

We are one of the leading universities in the UK in the field of International Teacher Education with experience gained over nearly forty years and we design tailor-made and externally commissioned short courses to sponsors’ requirements.?

We work directly in partnership with overseas National Ministries of Education worldwide, key Education Universities, British Council Representations and on?programmes?funded by the Asian Development Bank.? We are commissioned by them to design and run?programmes?on a regular basis and to conduct educational?consultancies.

We provide training?programmes?for international Teachers at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels, Subject Teachers, ELT Teacher Trainers, University English Teachers, Bilingual Teachers, Teachers working in?CLIL?contexts and Teachers teaching through the Medium of English (EMI).?

One of the most distinctive features of our?programmes?is the inclusion of relevant Training Placements in local Secondary and Primary schools and relevant School Attachment Experience. ?